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Emotional Intelligence Components: Key Success Factors

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

The Emotional Intelligence Components of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships management are key success factors in business and in life. These factors are key drivers of success, productivity and effectiveness both at work and life in general.

Public Speaking: Using Powerful Opening

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

How can you open your public speaking session with a powerful, captivating opening that will hold your audience’s interest? How can you grab and retain the attention of your audience?


Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

Why do we need presentation skills? After all it is just talking,

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

An emotionally intelligent response would include the following elements: a) Viewing the situation as a challenge b) Viewing situation as a problem solving opportunity c) Seeing learning opportunities d) Seeing team building opportunities through collective problem solving and decision making e) view negative emotions as distractions to be avoided f) deploying stress deflection through strategic attention allocation g) shift attention away from stress to problem solving and execution h) tune out of negative emotions mode and tuning in to positive emotions i) deploy emotional intelligence competencies to problem solving and solution execution

Emotional Intelligence Quotations

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

"To know oneself is a great knowledge....."

Training & Business Performance

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

Research has found that training has huge impact on business performance and growth. Of particular note here is key courses that are immense drivers of optimized business performance.he studies also found out that training that is occupation or skills specific has higher impact and effectiveness. This evidence gives credence to the pivotal status given to occupational skills training, competency based training and skills training courses.

Ecosystems Thinking: Enduring Model or Passing Fad?

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

Ecosystems thinking is a mental model that borrows from the biological metaphor of “ecosystems”. British botanist, Arthur Tansley coined the term in a 1930s publication. The term has now found currency in business parlance. James Moore first applied it to business in his articles in the Harvard Business Review.

Training Professional Hero’s Journey to SETA Registration

Article Written By: Joiline Gorlova

The training professional hero's journey can be trying at times. It is helpful to get support from professional partners to make the journey less wearisome. It need not be wearisome and lonely. Here are our guilines to those embarking on the training professional Hero's Journey.

How to improve your Google Ads Quality Score

Article Written By: Greg Kawere

Learn how to increase your Google Ads Quality Score for higher rankings, lower search marketing costs & more customer leads. Your Adwords Quality Score is a measure of the quality & relevance of your Google Ad, keywords & landing page on a scale of 1 to 10.