Joiline Gorlova

Joiline Gorlova is a Training Manager at Rock Lilly with a BSc Sociology, postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Certificate in Leadership Development, IPM professional member & an SETA registered Facilitator/Assessor/Moderator with Services SETA, LGSETA, ETDP SETA & PSETA. She has an established track record as a trainer, facilitator, assessor and moderator across industries. She comes from a Human Resources Generalist, and Development background with working experience within Southern Africa. Joiline is passionate about Learning and Development and remains a lifelong learner herself.

Impact of Wellness

Those who are generous in benefiting others will reap great advantage, in a cheerfulness that has a positive effect upon their overall well-being. Joiline Gorlova (2018)

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

The ability to perceive emotions in faces, pictures, voices, artifacts, in self and in others. This ability is a primal ability of EQ upon which all other EQ abilities build upon. In other words, one needs to be able to perceive emotions before they can understand emotions, use emotions and manage them.

Growth and Performance

Performance Motivation

What drives performance motivation? Is it extrinsic or intrinsic factors? Could it be the quotes below tell the full story or part of it?

Brand Value

Recommending a brand to others is the best compliment. Compliment us with your recommendation. The power of compliments to brand equity. 

womResearch has found that training has huge impact on business performance and growth. Of particular note here is key courses that are immense drivers of optimized business

Effective Use of Voice

A training facilitator’s voice is one of their greatest assets. It means that voice culture becomes a crucial aspect of preparation for the training event. A deliberate and conscious working on the voice without making it artificial and unnatural. I found out from experience that I am most effective with my voice in training when I am at my most natural.

Anxiety management

Anxiety Management

A practical approach to dealing with anxiety demands that one gets as much advantage from the positives that anxiety affords while minimizing the negatives that come with anxiety. If managed well, anxiety can thus be a tool to make training even more effective

Eye Contact and Audience Engagement

Have you ever tried to maintain a conversation with someone who is looking away from you? Nearly impossible, right? The moment eye contact is broken, the flow of the conversation is broken as well, with resultant audience disconnect.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be defined as, ‘Understanding own emotions and the emotions of others, and responding to the same in a healthy way”.