Emotional Intelligence Quiz

The emotional intelligence quiz below is based on the case study of Black Orchid Consulting.

Case Facts

Black Orchid Consulting is a business consulting firm. They have pressing project delivery targets to meet with looming deadlines. Envisaged project delivery delays due to late delivery of supplies were reported in the last project team meeting. The project partners were not amused by the variance report and threatened to invoke penalty clauses if delivery timelines changed.

The Black Orchid Consulting project team is under immense pressure and team members are showing signs of stress.


  1. Give an emotionally intelligent response to this situation?
  2. What would be a poor emotional intelligence response?
  3. Identify emotional intelligence qualities that the team members need to successfully navigate this situation?

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Emotionally Intelligent Response

  • View the situation as a challenge
  • View situation as a problem solving opportunity
  • See learning opportunities
  • See team building opportunities through collective problem solving and decision making
  • View negative emotions as distractions to be avoided
  • Deploy stress deflection through strategic attention allocation
  • Shift attention away from stress to problem solving and execution
  • Tune out of negative emotions mode and tuning in to positive emotions
  • Deploy emotional intelligence competencies to problem solving and solution execution

Poor Emotional Intelligent Response

  • Respond to the perceived problem with negative emotions like anger, anxiety, resentment, bitterness, frustration, etc.
  • Respond to the negative emotions with ineffective coping mechanisms like blame shifting, avoidance, faulty causal analysis, attribution errors and other cognitive distortions
  • Deploy poor coping mechanisms like poor lifestyle choices in attempted avoidance and escapism
  • Depressed frontal lobe functions
  • Suppressed executive brain functions
  • Arrested capacity to perform
  • Lack of motivation and drive

Emotional Intelligence Qualities

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