Emotional Intelligence Quotes

We present below a few Emotional Intelligence Quotes to drill home the value of the concept and skill in life and in the workplace.

Quotes on Power of Self Knowledge

“To know oneself is a great knowledge. The teacher who rightly estimates himself …. He, who realizes his own deficiencies will spare no pains to reach the highest standard possible of physical, mental and moral excellence. No one should have a part in the training of youths (or others) who is satisfied with a lower standard. “

E.G. White in Mind Character and Personality 

Self-awareness and self knowledge is a key component of high Emotional Intelligence. A quality without which, we will not self correct, modify our behavior and improve ourselves. With self-awareness we seek to be better, to improve and grow.

Quotes on Knowing Ones’ Mind and that of Others

To deal with minds is the greatest work ever committed to man.”

Ellen G White in Mind Character and Personality

We are born with the capacity for growth and improvement. Our mental faculties have an elasticity which allows development and strengthening through training, study, observation and reflection.”

Joiline Gorlova 2018

It is through reflection and intrapersonal communication that we became self-aware. The right mental culture tends towards a healthy self perception.

Emotional Intelligence Improvement and Mind Culture

An average mind will accomplish more with training, study, observation and reflection than a highly gifted one without mental culture.”

Joiline Gorlova 2018

Acquired and learnt skills contribute to success in life more than inert abilities. This knowledge is a motivator towards self-improvement, learning and skills development across all skills ranges.

What you can learn is of more value than what you already know.”

 Joiline Gorlova 2018

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