Working with Teams

More organizations are moving away from traditional organizational strategy to working with teams. Collins (2012) cite firms like Nike, Motorola having adopted team strategy. Research studies confirm the benefits of working with teams in organizations.… 


Team Effectiveness

If the Ringelmann Effect and other variables affect team productivity, organizations need to find ways to increase team effectiveness. Collins (2012) identified the following attributes of highly effective teams: Member interdependence  Trust among members Member… 

Decision Making Problem Solving Employee Motivation EQ

Decision Making Errors

Attribution errors need purposeful challenging and deconstruction both at individual and organizational levels to avoid costly decision making errors.

Growth and Performance

How Employee Behavior Affects Organizations

employee engagement initiatives saw an 80% reduction in grievances and 34% increase in highly satisfied customers. Other 300 studies confirm the link between job satisfaction, job performance and financial performance

Growth and Performance

Impact of Values and Attitudes on Behavior

Values are guiding principles for conduct and behavior, concept of what we identify with and stand for. If principles of behavior and conduct, then surely a causal relationship exists between values and behavior. But what exactly is the impact of values and attitudes on behavior?