Myths About Teamwork


Wright (2013), in his seminal work on The Myths and Realities of Teamwork, advances the six myths about teamwork below.

Myth 1 Teams are Harmonious People who Compromise their Needs for the Sake of Teams. With the diversity of personalities and skills? Harmony?

Myth 2 Team Conflict is Unhealthy. Is it?

Myth 3 Most People Like Teamwork. What about the “solo worker” “lone ranger”?

Myth 4 Teamwork is Essential to Business Success. For every job and task?

Myth 5 Teams are Easy to Influence and Manage. With team complexity?

Myth 6 Senior Managers Encourage Teamwork. No apprehension whatsoever?

Are they myths in verity? Is it the reality? What do you say?

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