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Emotional Intelligence Quiz

An emotionally intelligent response would include the following elements: a) Viewing the situation as a challenge b) Viewing situation as a problem solving opportunity c) Seeing learning opportunities d) Seeing…

Training Impact

Research found that training impact on business performance and growth is quite huge. Of particular note are key skills that are drivers of accelerated growth and optimized performance.

Ecosystems Thinking

Ecosystems thinking is a mental model that borrows from the biological metaphor of “ecosystems”. British botanist, Arthur Tansley coined the term in a 1930s publication. The term has now found…

Training Professional Registration Guidelines

The training professional registration journey can be trying at times. It is helpful to get support from professional partners to make the journey less wearisome. Here are some training professional…
Google Ads Quality Score

How to improve Google Ads Quality Score

Learn how to increase your Google Ads Quality Score for higher rankings, lower search marketing costs & more customer leads. Your Adwords Quality Score is a measure of the quality…

Rock Lilly Brand Identity

What's in a name?" To Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" Or would it be different? When it comes to branding,…


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