Mastery of Presentation Skills involves cultivating and honing the following skills:

  • Use of verbal communication skills to make an effective presentation
  • Use of non-verbal cues to effectively reach audience
  • Use and maintain good poise during a presentation
  • Handle questions and overcome any objections effectively
  • Ability to identify and solve problems arising related to presentations
  • Working in team in making presentations effective
  • Organizing self and others for effective presentations
  • Effective communicate
  • High self-awareness, empathy and social skills

Importance of Presentation Skills

Why do we need presentation skills? After all it is just talking, and most people are born with the capability to speak except for ones with a disability in this area!

Well, presentation skills are valuable on several levels.

  • They are an important skill in business interactions
  • They increase personal effectiveness at work
  • They are an immense confidence boost in interactions
  • They have phenomenal power of persuasion
  • They increase market value of holder of such skills

Impact of Presentation

Words, Voice and Body language have varying impacts on the effectiveness of a presentation. A study by psychologist, Albert Mehrabian, found out that the impact of Words, Voice and Body Language to effectiveness of communication is: Words 7%, Voice 38%, and Body Language 55%.

His study also found that Words, Voice and Body Language have a positive impact on a verbal communication only when there is congruency between the 3 variables. Thus, communication effectiveness increases with congruency between the communication signals sent out by the words, the voice and the body language but diminishes when Words, Voice and Body Language send conflicting signals.

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