Public Speaking Tips

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Powerful and Captivating Opening

How can you open your public speaking session with a powerful, captivating opening that will hold your audience’s interest? How can you grab and retain the attention of your audience in communication? The acronym TEASE is a tool with 5 public speaking tips to gain and retain your audience’s attention:

  • Testimonial
  • Evidence
  • Anecdote
  • Statement
  • Example

Attention Grabbing Tips in Public Speaking

  1. Testimonial
    Cite an influential person the audience will know and respect. Mention something to do with the influential person, that is related to the topic. This could be in the form of a quotation, short story etc.
  2. Evidence
    Cite evidence of the impact of subject topic on a value dimension e.g. accelerating business growth, optimizing business performance, increasing career mobility etc. This may be citation of facts, statistics, studies and other facts.
  3. Anecdote
    Anecdotal evidence of someone benefiting directly from their subject matter expertise related to topic.
  4. Statement
    On the significance of subject matter topic to the quality of life.
  5. Example
    Of a person whose career really took off on account of excellence in subject matter topic.

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