The Rock Lilly Brand

“What’s in a name?” To Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Or would it be different? When it comes to branding, they may be more to a name, and a rose by any name may not smell as one!

The Rock Lilly brand name is derived from the elegant variety of orchids called Rock Orchids. Rock Orchids symbolize growth, uniqueness, elegance, versatility, adaptability, diversity and universality. The Rock Lilly brand identifies with the qualities symbolized by the Rock Orchids.

Rock Lilly training solutions, training products and services are unique, versatile, adaptable, offering globally relevant growth opportunities for individuals and organizations.

The orange, black and white color branding of Rock Lilly symbolizes boldness at pursuit of growth; relentless drive for performance; infectious enthusiasm at training service delivery; and immense pride in the quality of our training products and services.

Rock Lilly Group

Your Partners for Accelerated Growth and Optimized Performance!

About the author

Joiline Gorlova is a Training Consultant at Rock Lilly with a BSc Sociology, postgrad Diploma in Personnel Management, IPM professional member & an Accredited Assessor/Moderator with Services SETA, LGSETA & ETDP SETA

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