Training Professional Hero’s Journey to SETA Registration

The training professional hero’s journey can be trying at times. It is helpful to get support from professional partners to make the journey less wearisome. It need not be wearisome and lonely. Here are our guilines to those embarking on the training professional Hero’s Journey.

Training Professional Accreditation Guidelines

The South African Training and Development landscape provides for both accredited and none accredited training. If you choose to train accredited courses, you will need registration with the relevant Education Quality Assurance Authority (ETQA). The ETQA can be one of the 20 Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA), QCTO or an industry Professional Body.

The ETQAs registers training assessors, training moderators and skills development facilitators. Registration is against qualifications or units of qualifications (unit standards). Assessor registration allows one to facilitate and assess training of the qualifications stated in the registration letter, while moderator registration allows moderation of training courses of listed qualifications in letter of registration. Registration is for a period of 3-5 years and subject to renewal.

Application requirements are generally the following;

  1. Completed Assessor/Moderator/SDF Application Form
  2. ID Copy
  3. CV
  4. Certificates and Transcripts of Subject Matter Expert Area
  5. Statement of Results for Assessors Course (Assessor Registration)
  6. Statement of Results for Moderators Course (Moderator Registration)
  7. Statement of Results for SDF Course (SDF Registration)
  8. Testimonials/Reference Letters

Applications are submitted via email, on online portals, or by post depending with the ETQA. Ease of application varies with ETQA.

Partners in your Hero’s Journey to Training Practitioner Registration. Partners in your Hero’s Journey to accelerated growth and optimized performance.

About the author

Joiline Gorlova is a Training Manager at Rock Lilly with a BSc Sociology, postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management, IPM professional member & an SETA registered Facilitator/Assessor/Moderator with Services SETA, LGSETA, ETDP SETA & PSETA. She has an established track record as a trainer, facilitator, assessor and moderator across industries. She comes from a Human Resources Generalist, and Development background with working experience within Southern Africa. Joiline is passionate about Learning and Development and remains a lifelong learner herself.