Types of Communication

Types of Communication

Communication Skills

Types of Communication

If we take communication as, “………… the giving, receiving or exchange of information, opinions or ideas by writing, speech or visual means ………….” Sillars, 1994, it therefore follows that there are 3 types of communication namely:

  1. Written Communication
  2. Verbal Communication
  3. Visual Communication

Some authorities say there are 2 types of communication namely:

  1. Written Communication
  2. Verbal Communication

The above typology is based on channels of communication, but the types of communication can be further subdivided based on communication style, locus and direction of communication as follows:

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Face to Face and Distance
  • Formal and Informal
  • Personal and Impersonal
  • Internal and External
  • Lateral and Horizontal

Therefore whether there are 2 or 3 or more types of communication, one can decide on any of the above typologies.

Effective Communication

Communication effectiveness can be optimized by matching type of communication (be it channel, style, locus or direction based) with the communication purpose, then crafting the message with that end in mind. Further effectiveness can be achieved by considering the following factors:

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Communication Barriers

It is critical to identify communication barriers at each point in the communication process and effectively deal with such to enhance effectiveness of the communication effort. Barriers can be at any point in the communication process from sender to receiver.

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Communication Skills

Verbal Communication Skills
Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Para-verbal Communication Skills
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Intrapersonal Communication Skills
Group Communication Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Presentation Skills
Written Communication Skills
Business Writing Skills
Report Writing Skills
Proposal Writing Skills

Communication effectiveness can also be acquired through learning interventions like training, and development, and coaching and mentoring. The communications skills set typically includes the above list.

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